Novapoint Base

Foundation of Novapoint, BIM Connector

With this module you can administrate your projects in an easy way. Novapoint Base handles all your terrain data and connects the terrain to the design in the terrain model. Inside the terrain model you can organize your terrain- and design data in the way you want. 

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Terrain Model (DTM)

The Novapoint terrain model supports import and export from several file formats, including AutoCAD DWG / DXF, SOSI and Land XML. By using different code lists you can store data in the terrain model on different feature codes to differ between objects in the survey data or imported maps. Novapoint includes the most common code lists for easy import of survey data. There are several tools for presenting data from the terrain model, such as point elevations, longitudinal profiles, cross sections, triangle- and grid models. In the terrain model you can group data of different origin by addressing them to different groups and feature codes. This makes it possible to select which data to be used in different calculations.

Mapping tools

Novapoint Base offers predefined and user defined setups for the drawing of maps. All setups for map drawings can easily and directly be transferred to an AutoCAD drawing. In addition to map drawings and terrain model, Novapoint Base offers several tools for enhancing map presentation, including a function for digitizing map information. Novapoint tools In Novapoint Base there are tool bars with functions that make you work easier. These are assembled under the headline Novapoint Tools, containing functions for handing polylines (2D and 3D), coordinate markings and creating 3D points.

Stake out from drawing

This function generates coordinates directly from the AutoCAD drawing. The coordinates are organized in a table in the drawing or may be exported to different file formats.

Drawing tools

In Novapoint Base there are a lot functions designed to make it easy for the user to create and enhance drawings to meet the requirements set by each country’s standards. For example there are predefined drawing sheets, scale bars and north arrows. Other drawing tools are map lines, map symbols, title boxes, grids, section arrows and revision marks.

Project administration

It is easy to create a new project and locate it anywhere you want on a server for easy access by other members of the staff. The module loader loads all modules with corresponding menus as well as checking the license either from a single lock or a network lock. A useful function enables you to load the menu automatically, but the license will not be used until you start a function in the module. It is also possible to check out a license from the network for a certain period of time to enable working without a network connection.

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